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This post is going to be a little different. Instead of focusing on one company or service that is best in its city as we usually do, I'm going to recommend a handful of websites that are great resources. By that I mean, these websites are great launching out points to get info or help in specific areas. OK, here goes!

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Ship wreck reveals ancient secrets of medicine
It has been more than 2,000 years since a Roman merchant ship foundered off the west coast of the Italian peninsula and almost 40 years since the wreck was discovered. Now, the DNA trapped in medicines found aboard the ship is yielding secrets of health care in the ancient world.

Samples from two online pharmacy analyzed at the Smithsonian's Center for Conservation and Evolutionary Genetics reveal a dried concoction of about a dozen medicinal herbs, including celery, alfalfa and wild onion, bound together with clay and zinc.

The tablets may have been used externally to treat skin conditions or dissolved in water or wine and taken for intestinal ailments such as dysentery, speculates Alain Touwaide, historian of sciences in the Department of Botany at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

The DNA tests confirm that medicines written about in ancient texts were actually used, said Touwaide, who with his wife and research partner, Emanuela Appetiti, obtained the tablets from the Italian Department of Antiquities in 2004.

Archaeologists have found older artifacts in Egypt and China, vessels for wines that contained herbal additives. Touwaide, however, says the shipwreck tablets are the first remains of ancient pharma-ceuticals to be found and also the first to be successfully analyzed with advanced DNA sequencing techniques. Preserved inside small tin boxes, the tablets are gray-green solid disks about an inch across and one-third of an inch thick.

"Extracting the DNA and sequencing it was not an easy task," Touwaide said. The analyses were conducted intermittently over four years, the last in October, by Smithsonian geneticist Robert Fleischer, who said that the results are preliminary and that more testing is in the works.

"I didn't expect it to work at all," said Fleischer. "They're very old. I had assumed everything had degraded, but they were in pretty remarkable condition. You could still see plant fibers."

The ingredients also include radish or cabbage, wild carrot or a relative, yarrow, jack bean and a hibiscus species. Fleischer found smaller genetic traces that may be a carrot relative named angelica, as well as willow, aster, the common bean and nasturtium.

A tramp freighter?

The ship was about 50 feet long, dates to around 130 B.C. and went down in the Gulf of Baratti off the coast of Tuscany. It was discovered in 1974 by members of the Italian Experimental Center for Underwater Archaelogy, but its contents were not surveyed and excavated until the 1980s. Touwaide and Appetiti received the tablet fragments under an agreement between the Smithsonian and the Archaelogical Department of Tuscany.

Divers retrieved several tin containers, 136 vials made of boxwood, a locker and medical tools. The large number of vials suggests that the medicines were being shipped rather than being used by the ship's doctor. "It might be both," said Touwaide. "There might have been a physician on board; there might have been a medical cargo."

Among the recovered objects are glass from Syria, a Cypriot pitcher and lamps from Asia Minor, suggesting the vessel may have been a tramp freighter plying the ports of the entire Mediterranean.

That may be a false assumption, according to Cemal Pulak, vice president of Texas A&M University's Institute of Nautical Archaeology, who said the items might have been stored in a port and placed on the ship all at once, or salvaged from another wreck. Pulak, who is not involved with the Tuscan wreck, has excavated and studied eastern Mediterranean shipwrecks that date to the Bronze Age.



Higgins, Adrian. 2011. "Ship wreck reveals ancient secrets of medicine". Washington Post. Posted: February 1, 2011. Available online:

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Why did the question about viagra and birth control make mccain so uncomfortable?
Why did the question about cialis and birth control make mccain so uncomfortable?


He's a grown man, I didn't think he should have been uncomfortable with the question.


Probably because he voted against a bill requiring insurance companies to cover birth control for women, while the same insurance companies had already for several years been covering Viagra: www. senate. gov/legislative/LIS/ro. (The bill thankfully passed without his help.) Who the f' would vote against such a law besides a god. d.amn womanizing fool? If insurance companies can somehow afford to help men have more sex, they can sure as hell help women to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy. So McCain was actually uncomfortable because the question made him look like a blundering idiot who values men's physical pleasure more than women's basic reproductive health.____________jeeper, your response shows you have no working knowledge whatsoever of women's health. Oral contraceptives are prescribed to women to treat a multitude of medical conditions, including endometriosis, because it regulates menstruation. And it's none of anyone's business whether a woman is taking contraceptives for medical purposes or for birth control - or both.


Discussing sexual activity openly is one of the reasons why there are too many children without fathers.


I think I'd be uncomfortable talking about sex to the whole United States as well. I mean just because you're an adult doesn't mean you feel comfortable talking about such private things publicly. After edit: Oh ok now I understand I misunderstood you thank you for claifiying. In that case he needs to be able to discuss such things and handle it in a more mature way. But I agree with Jeeper.


Because he couldn't remember how, or if, he voted on it. His memory, or the lack thereof, is a problem for him when he is being filmed and his response is embarrassment. It isn't because of the reference to sex. He knows that his age is a negative in this campaign.


Because Liberals for some reason, Think that Viagra coverage and dawning control coverageAre equal. When they are not. Birth oversee is not perscribed to treat a medical condition. Viagra is perscribed grate on nerves dinner a medicial circumstance. No matter what McCains answer would be, he would be making some voters mad. Politicians try grate on nerves avoid making any voters foolich.


That's so obvious!


I have a better question why do we follow the media blindly. what does viagara have to do with the home mortgage crisis, 4 dollar gasoline, outsourcing our jobs and allowing illegals to run amuck in america. these are intelligent and useful questions.


Oh my God, did you see that???He looked so old and gross!!!


It was unappropriate to ask this. It was obvious the reporter was trying to make him feel uncomfortable. Typical liberal mentality. They have a field-day because of viagra.


ok i cant understand the birth controll thing because he should be able to discuss that. however the viagra question was inapporpriate.

Bessemer City
Bessemer City
Yucca Valley
De Leon
Palm City

Edible sea cucumber kidney Yang also cure andrological diseases
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Sea cucumber nourishing unique and many people may not know, it's unique because it can also be Yin-Yang-tonifying, almost all of the causes of impotence to eat after a period of time can heal sea cucumber.

Sea cucumber kidney Yang, especially in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, is our country has some folk recipe.

There are many causes of impotence, apart from the spirit of excessive, lechery excessive stress, excessive sorrow, too sad, excessive fatigue, neurasthenia, etc. can cause impotence. Thus some of the food and drugs, such as dog meat, mutton, bird meat, Cordyceps sinensis, velvet, Gecko, Hippocampus, etc., to a certain or several causes of impotence is not necessarily effective.

General clinical Chinese medicine would be erectile dysfunction is divided into three categories, namely kidney Yang, Yin Xu, Qi.

Renal insufficiency: the penis instead of Wei, sore legs, chills, cold extremities, shedantaibai, sinking pulse treatment should warm the kidney Yang;-virtual sex drive impulse is a touching, insomnia Dauth, dry throat, tongue hung from astringent Moss white, pulse count. Treatment should be nourishing; gas shortage: cite not kin, shortness of breath, food less God freed up, tongue pale green, maixian fine. Treatment should replenish in the air. It bidirectional nourishing sea cucumber is other food (BU) in rare.

Xingyang, although drugs can take "immediate" effect, but it is difficult to fundamentally solve the problem, a bit lax will have serious consequences.

Diet not only safety, but also often be cured. Sea cucumber is a valuable food in the past, now has become a more common foods. Sea cucumbers can treatment of experimentation, impotence, and "jianyang" dishes. Healthy people eat, can persist strong sexual function, and can avoid many of the sex-related diseases.

Consumption in General is first with 40 ° c warm water will bubble and soft sea cucumber and cut apart the reference body, remove the offal, sedimentation, and then wash with water and cook for 10 minutes, then even the water in the Bowl cover, complex immersion 3 ~ 4 hours, then Cook, you can cook.

Sea cucumber eating experience and diverse, and ham, pork, mutton stewed food, or in combination with chicken, fish, meat stew meat, or with sliced meat, liver and fried food.

(Practice editing: Lu Jennifer)


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